10 special tips for capturing high quality photos in mobile


The smartphones which we are using with the evolution of era and improvements of technology. It improved with many more facilities besides the basic components. So, as a result now taking the photo is not limited only digital camera or  DSLR. In fact, now a days nobody wants to take additional devices in hand while going to any place because it’s not comfortable for them. So they think that smartphones are enough for capturing high quality photos. But serious photographers are definitely different. If you notice Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites; you will get to know that now ordinary people can take photos nicely. Why not when low-end mobiles are having good picture quality! And from here a common people is becoming a good photographer day by day. Maybe you are an extreme photographer or have a hobby of photography, so you can take good photos with your smartphone. In today’s article I’ll share some tips on how to use camera unit of your mobile phones for capturing high quality photos.

capturing high quality photos

Try to know the basic rules of photography:

Photography has some basic rules, you can learn many things by searching on internet. For example, the Sun’s seven rules, the rule of the third, and so on. By knowing these, you’ll gradually know how to set a frame easily and you will be able to find out the differences from your previous compositions. By learning these basic rules you will be able to make your photography skill more strong and even a simple photo can be accepted to others.

Some tips for capturing high quality photos in mobile

Remember the effect of lite:

There is still a limitation in the camera of a mobile phone. Most of the mobile camera fails to capture a good picture in low light. So first of all, select a direction for your object so that the light falls on it properly. If it’s fixed the object, then try to change your position for the better lighting system.

10 special tips for capturing high quality photos in mobile

Keep your lens clear:

Sometimes a mobile phone has scratches on its body for using the mobile phones roughly. You may get blurred images for the scratches on mobile’s camera. For this, try to use something which will protect your camera lens. If there are some scratches already present, you can open your back cover (not for all model) before taking photo. And try to clean the dust from the lens of your mobile.

10 special tips for capturing high quality photos in mobile

Do not use digital zooming:

You must have noticed that the picture taken by using zoom option doesn’t seem good. Because in mobile camera, digital zooming is used, as a result the photo seems cracked. So, do not try to snap zoom. If you need, you may go close to the subject while capturing photo.

10 special tips for capturing high quality photos in mobile

Be careful of using flash:

Now-a-days almost every mobile camera unit has LED flash. You should be careful about using flash. Because of the auto flash option which integrated on your mobile camera app, doesn’t always work properly. As an example, you are capturing a photo in daylight where you have good lighting system to capture a photo, but just because of auto flashing system your photo can be damaged. On the other hand, suppose you are capturing a photo in a night, but your mobile’s auto flashing may not work properly. So, try to use the flash option manually. Use flash ON or flash OFF mode according to your need. And if you think that, the flashlight is excessive for your photo, then you may use tissue paper on the flash.


Focus on resolution setting:

You can see various options in your mobile camera app option, where you can fix the resolution of your choice for your desired high quality photos. You may have a question that, ‘why the resolution is always given 640X480?’ Actually, you’ll not always capture the photo for same purpose. You may use different resolution for different work. As an example, you want to capture a photo for sending in sms, then you will capture the photo in low resolution. Low resolution photo’s quality is good and it can be saved easily. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll capture photos all day long and while saving those in computer you came to know that all the photos are of small sizes.


Try to avoid shaking your hands while capturing photos:

In the market of technology, now tripods are available for iphone and other smartphones. If possible, try to use tripod. While capturing photos if your hand shakes, you may not see in the small screen but you can see in the big screen of your computer. That’s why use tripod or carefully handle the mobile and keep your elbow in contact with your belly.


White balance:

Usually, mobile cameras can detect white balance quite nicely. But you’ll face problem when you will capture photo in low-light condition. In case of taking photo in low-light, you may keep the low-light condition on and then focus on the subject; you will get good result. Besides, you may use different white balance settings like day-light, fluorescent, cloudy etc. This will help you to bring variation in your image for capturing high quality photos as well.



As exposer is important DSLR, it’s also important in mobile camera. Mainly, it has a great use in photographic world. Wrong selection of a computer can make a good photo dull and the proper use of exposer can make a dull photo excellent. You may check your mobile camera settings where you will get the option of increasing exposure and decreasing exposure. If you take the photo in low-light with increasing exposure, you will get good result for the target of capturing high quality photos.



Maybe you edit the photo in your mobile or computer after capturing it. This is called tuning process. In a computer, Photoshop or Gimp software is used for a good tuning; this can make a dull photo look wonderful and make the photo newer.

By following the above tips you may capture high quality photos by your smartphone.


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