5 Essential Tips That an Ecommerce Entrepreneur Should Know


For many people who intend to start a business, e-commerce has become a unique opportunity and it does not mean that having a physical business is no longer profitable, but thanks to the Internet can expand your market reach customers in different parts of the world and have a business available 24 hours a day why not?


The above are only some advantages offered by e – commerce but you can read this article where exposed 5 Reasons to engage in e – commerce. But to be successful in eCommerce you need more than enthusiasm and good will, because around him there are factors that limit the growth of a virtual store. That’s why we have been interested in writing an article in which we can show some essential tips that every entrepreneur in the eCommerce should know and give you the next.

Domain Name

You already know what name to choose for your online store? For the domain it is important part of your business, as it will reflect your identity immediately. We recommend you choose a short and descriptive name so it can be easily remembered. Although SEO factors include a keyword in the domain can help you position yourself in the top of the search results for that word, you must remember that what you want your brand and position is not a keyword.


Every entrepreneur should know eCommerce basics and about hosting or web hosting. And this is mainly choose the provider and hosting plan suitable for your online store. It is important to know what type of server you need depending on the resources required by your virtual store.

For example imagine that you need to stay plenty of videos on your site, which will be displayed at the same time by several people. So, to perform this task you should have a dedicated server for your site unique for the large amount of memory you’ll consume. Another important factor is the technical support that offers the service provider, as you never know at what point might be a problem with your online business so it is necessary that the hosting provider will provide technical support at any time and any day the year not run the risk of losing customers or your business suffer for having “fallen” for a long time.

web usability

If you are not very familiar with the subject, we can let you know that  web usability is the ease with which a user can navigate within your online store . This will improve the experience the user has on your site, as this will influence visitors come to make a purchase. Here we give you some tips that will improve the usability of your web store.


We recommend not using more than 3 font styles in your online store. Part of maintaining homogeneity is to respect this rule, as using more styles can confuse your visitors. It is also important to use a large font size that can be read easily. Your customers will appreciate being able to read your content effortlessly.

 Design adaptable to mobile

The use of smart phones has increased only in America it is estimated that by the end of 2015 , 41% of American have an smartphone and by 2017 this figure will increase to 70%. That is why it is necessary that you offer to each of the people who enter your site through a mobile A responsive design that allows them to manipulate the elements of your site in a simple way and to have equally a pleasant navigation.


Remember to use internal and external links to improve navigation in your virtual store .Use the same color for all links, not to create confusion among your visitors. We also recommend that external links are opened in new windows, so users can check external pages without leaving your online store.

Load speed

If your website takes longer than three seconds to open surely you are losing customers. To succeed in e-commerce need to have a fast website. Some of the actions you can take to improve loading speed are:

Reduce the size of images

Many times the size of the images difficult to load a page. So reducing the size without losing image quality, use tools like kraken.io that lets you do this activity in a very simple way. It features free version is online so take what is offered by the web.

Themes and plugins

When they are using CMS like Word Press or Joomla to mount a virtual store, regularly themes and plugins that harm the loading speed of your site deal. Check that the item you’re taking is not affecting the performance of your site and similarly check that the plugins you have installed are those who are occupying, if not those who’re not occupying uninstall them to prevent a lot of unnecessary plugins limit the upload speed of your online store.


You can have an innovative and creative product, but if you are not visible in search results no one will know of your existence. That’s why you need a SEO strategy .Not too much on this subject as there are items you can find on this site .But it is important to mention that the use of keywords in the content and the meta data is still important to be visible in search results . Also remember that quality backlinks give authority to your website allowing move up in search results.

After reading these tips you cannot stay still. Implement and test each of them to improve the performance of your virtual store. And although still have a virtual business involves risk, you can achieve success knowing that perform actions to increase your conversion rate. Do not forget to comment your experience in implementing these tips in your eCommerce store.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this article .If you have any question then feel free to ask me via comment .I am always ready to meet my readers.





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