5 Most Important Steps For eCommerce Business Startup


Now a days, we can start easily a fresh eCommerce business by simply opening a business page on Facebook, which is very good. But to establish an eCommerce business of our own as well as others, we have to take a look for a few things. These issues are discussed briefly below:

ecommerce business

eCommerce Business Startup


Choosing a beautiful and suitable name is very important in eCommerce business so that the customers can easily recall the name of your company. You don’t need to select a name of a popular company and change it by adding words before or after the name. For this, your business won’t do any good, rather keep a unique name of your company. Take some time for keeping the name spend money if necessary. Discuss with someone about the name who has some sort of experience. I believe that the most important and basis of an e-commerce business is name selection.


At the time of selecting a product, keep two things in mind,

Firstly: Necessity- When you’re starting a business with a product, how much the customers need it.

Secondly: Quality- You have to make sure that the product which you’re selling to the customers, have a good quality or not. Selling a good quality product is the strength to keep your business at bay for a long time. Always buy your product from a reputed and well-known importer and start your business. Don’t collapse your business graph by buying bad products. I’ve witnessed that the customers don’t hesitate if they’re satisfied with the quality of the product. Why would I waste my money on bad products when I can buy rich products and make a heavy profit??


You’ve to be very careful of choosing the pictures of your goods. You must give the original photo of your product on your website/fan page. If you can’t find a picture of your goods, click a photo by yourself. There can be no excuse. You don’t need to upload a photo from web which has a little bit of similarity. Your product’s photo must 100% accurate. You’ve to ensure that the customers get the same product/of same design which is shown to them. You’ve to provide the product to the customers whichever color they desires. If you can’t, sort it out by talking to the customers.


  • Before receiving the advance payment, make sure that your product is not run out of stock.
  • Make sure the customers receive their goods as soon as possible after receiving the advance payment.
  • Create an album of invoice for the customers who paid in advance on your fanpage/website. Tag the customers a copy of invoice by scanning the invoice of that product after product delivery, after receiving the payment. By this, the customers will begin to find you trustworthy.
  • Many manufacturers deliver late their goods after advance payment. The customer who put reputation  trust on you by paying in advance, you can also earn his trust by delivering in quicker time.


You’ve to ensure that the customers get their product in time. After product delivery, talk to your customers to know-

  • If the product is unharmed.
  •  If the customer is satisfied with the quality of the delivered product.
  • What does he feel about the delivery timing.
  • If he faced any kind of problem while getting the product.
  • If the delivery man charged any extra money.

Use carton instead of bag. Therefore the product will stay be safe and the customer will be happy. It will help to boost your eCommerce business reputation too.

Deliver products minimum once in a week by yourself, this will be beneficial for your eCommerce business. Therefore the relation between you and your customer will be good and your business will get recognized fast.

In the end, you are a member of e-commerce society. If you provide good service, you’ll be praised and if you don’t, your reputation will be spoiled.


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