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Hi, Best Time management software lovers! It’s really hard to measure the time accurately for everyone and nobody can utilize the time properly. Rescuetime is a software where you can do such type of work. You can completely take your time control by using Rescuetime. This is an amazing software to track the times properly. After downloading the rescuetime software you can start to track your time immediately. That’s why it is very important to use a time management software in our life.

Best time management software Rescuetime :Improve your productivity

Usually, we do waste our most of the time in social messengers/ sites like facebook, twitter, google plus, linked in, Instagram and we are not aware of it. But rescued time will monitor everything in your day. Where you spent most of the time, how many distracting time you passed? what was actual time to learn something last week?
Rescuetime will give all the answers.

Time management software 2016:Super easy and straight forward

It’s a Free time management software so you may use it free forever but they have a premium version of it also, if you are really serious about your productivity then you may go for the premium account. After creating an account it rescuetime you will get an option to choose the category which is productive, very productive, distractive, neutral etc. There has 11 main category with lots of subcategories. You may create you own subcategory too there.

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Here following the main categories name bellow:

1) Business
2) Communication & Scheduling
3) Social Networking
4) Design & Composition
5) Entertainment
6) News & Opinion
7) Reference & Learning
8) Software Development
9) Shopping
10) Utilities
11) Miscellaneous.

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Rescuetime : Time Management Software

To get accurate productivity score, you need to categorize all activities. Example: Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social messenger are obviously distracting activities. So you have to set them correctly in category settings.

Time Management Software Download: Rescuetime Application

Get Direct Software Official Link:

After sign up on rescue time official website, you will get the download link to install in your windows/mac/Linux PC. You may see a warning where  saying, “This file is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer.” Don’t worry. It may take only 1 minute to install that application on your computer. Once open that application on your PC, you have to log in there.

Time Management Software – Download Browser’s Extension

If you are using google chrome, then don’t forget to install the rescuetime  browser extension from your extension manager.  It helps to see the productivity score live during your working time.

 Rescuetime : A Time Management Software

There has a separate option to see the daily,  weekly, monthly, yearly productivity score with all the details data.



Finally, I can say, it is really amazing time management software to improve the productivity. 



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