How to clean dirt from the laptop?


The laptop is a very useful device. For the portability and power specification, that is the number one choice for tech geeks. The inside of the laptop’s cooling fan, ventilator, and the heat skins are normally store dirt. As a result – the cooling system of the laptop could not work fully with better performance. The cooling system of the laptop is quite important. The body area of the laptop devices usually has small space and the heat can be easily damaged the hardware inside of it. Due to the deposition of dirt CPU cooling fan requires more electric source and which is causing the laptop battery drain fast!

So today’s tutorial on how to clean the dirt from the laptop and I will try to guide you correctly.

Cleaning dirt of the laptop divided into two parts,

  1. If you are able to open your laptop
  2. If you are unable to open your laptop

Let’s start our mission to clean dirt from the laptop.

laptop openinglaptop-cleaning

1. If you are able to open your laptop

You see, there is a panel on the bottom of your laptop (may be more than one), and the upper body of the panel with the laptop connected by the number of screws. You should be careful to open the back panel. However, If you think the process is difficult to open your device, then you may take advice from online or manufacturer website.  If you have the service manual for your laptop, you can do that easily.

The method of laptop cleaning

– At first keep in safe the screws

– Now choose the place where you can clean your laptop dirt easily.
– Then use a blower to blow properly for passing the dirt out of the ventilator.
– If the blower for cleaning the laptop fans spin too fast, it can be broken. So try to give exact pressure to cooler fan. You can give the light blast from different angles.

In this way, although you can’t able to free the dirt completely, but it will give a good result.

1. If you are unable to open your laptop

1. By using canned air you can give an air blast to a ventilator. Although it will not clear all the dirt in ventilator, but cooling fan and a bit of the more dirty area will clean up.
2. As before, the cooling fan may be damaged if it spins faster.
3. Carefully give the blast on the keyboard, battery area.

You will not able to remove the dirts 100% by following above method, but because of cooling fan and the ventilator cleaning, your laptop’s cooling system will work better.


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