Common mistakes of backlink and what should i do?


The importance of backlinks in the field of SEO can’t be explained in  words. Most of the traffic of your website comes with the help of the backlinks. So it plays a vital role in search engine. But there are few common mistakes of backlink. In this article i will try to highlight them.


Backlink is such a link which represents your site on other sites by introducing the link of your website. So visitors can easily come through that link. 

There are two types of Backlink-

  • Do-follow backlink
  • no-follow backlink

N.B: According to the result, do-follow backlink is much more effective than no-follow backlink.


Your site won’t draw visitors by simply putting a backlink on other sites. It’s not a piece of cake. Those who thinking about SEO is just placing the link of your website on other sites, are holding a huge misconception. In a word, it’s “destructive” for your site by which your site’s quality will be diminished.

Now, the new comers would have a question reading my article, that is-“If I can’t insert my site’s backlink on other sites, how would I raise my visitors?”

The answer would be-“No one forbid you to use backlink. But the thing is, your backlink must be a quality backlink.


If you want to create a quality backlink, you’ve to post your backlinks to those sites which are related to your site. As example, if your site is a law firm website, then your backlinks should be positioned in other law firm sites, blog, fourm etc. Because for getting help from law firm, people would visit these sites. Then you’ll get visitors if you’ve backlinks on those sites. It’s called quality backlink. Now you may tell me, if hadn’t any backlinks on those sites but other sites which are not related in any means, would i get any visitors?? The answer is in your hands. It’s better to have 1 quality backlinks rather than 100 useless backlinks.


In the world of SEO, every new and old members make a common but awful mistake, which is- they don’t make a quality backlink, rather they build up a pile of backlinks everywhere which are good for nothing. They’re nothing but a pile of garbage links which doesn’t produce anything. And it doesn’t end here, you’ll lose your both ends. Now you can say, “How?” Actually the case is, if you build up backlinks like parasite, then you won’t get your expected visitors, moreover it’s absolutely sure that your link will caught up as spam link to Google. Then Google will kick out your site from indexing as penalty. So, your site won’t be found in Google search engine. Now you know why you’ll lose your both ends.


It’s “a grand mistake” for this reason because the mistake discussed above is done by mainly old ones, but this mistake is made by both the old ones and the new ones. Even the so called “expert SEO” do this error, the point discussed till now is only for the benefit for you to understand properly.

Generally for inserting backlinks and link building campaign, the first thing is done is dissecting competitor’s backlinks. While doing this we know of two things, which are-

  1. The work space of your competitors.
  2. Your work procedure.


“Competitor has done their homework on backlink campaign so all we have to do is to follow their footsteps. Then we don’t have to analyze any of it. Because they’ve done their analysis to get a good result. Now all we’ve to do is copy their research and we’ll get all the glory.”

If you thought anything like that, then you’re building castle in the air. Now you can ask, “If I don’t follow my competitors then whom should I follow?”

If not like that. Suppose, you’re making an anti-septic soap. Thus your fellow competitors would be the other sub manufacturing companies. Now your competitors might be producing anti-septic or beauty soap or any other kinds of soaps. Now, if you go for marketing your product, what will you do? Will you advertise your product like others? If you do that, the customers won’t accept your product because they want something new every time. Moreover they’re used to see the previously commercialized advertisement and they will get sick of it. So, you’ve to strategically choose a different method of advertising your product by using the experience of the previously aired commercials. Then it’ll be accepted unanimously and it’ll make good impact on market and you’ll be vastly benefited.

N.B: Remember, yours and your competitor’s site is similar, but not the same. There’ll be a huge difference between you and your competitor’s site. So find out the dissimilarities. 

We’ll follow our competitors just to have an idea about their work, to do in a new way, in different style. Not to replicate them. The ideas we can pick from our competitors are-

  • We can have a new directory which was not enlisted before.
  • We can find out new sites with authorities and write articles in a fresh method.
  • We can find many resource page for adding links for our sites.
  • We can find the errors of our linking.
  • We can find out the mistakes of our competitors.

Therefore, all we can find out from our competitors site is some ideas, not instructions!


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