Do We Need iris Scanner On Our Smartphones?


A few years ago it just one of the options related to security, more popular than we could find in our Android devices, and even users of other platforms craved, with the unlock pattern. Functionality really useful, allowing us to unlock our terminal in a faster way than using a PIN or password, and still kept our secure terminal, depending on the pattern used, of course.


Later, with the arrival of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google wanted to go a step further in security, introducing a new mode of innovative security, and why not say, futuristic, which was to unlock our device thanks the front camera, only recognizing our facial features, Does anyone still use this? -. Functionality that although at first seemed like a good idea, fell quickly into oblivion due to the loss of time needed to open the camera, and recognize our face.

But then we come to today where someone came up to implement a fingerprint reader in a terminal , which would unlock the device in an immediate way, besides keeping it secure enough for most users walk. But when this section relating to safety had seemed to stabilize, Samsung has come -even ZTE being the first to implement it in the Axon- to flip the tortilla, with its intention to incorporate an iris scanner in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 . But this function is really necessary?

Why an iris scanner is necessary

Maybe a few years ago the fingerprint reader might seem illogical in a smartphone, and we could ask: Who needs a fingerprint reader, having unlock pattern? But surely the technology must evolve, and it is possible that the iris scanner will become the new standard of safety if the system speed and accuracy, the accompanies.

Moreover, according to the latest rumors and leaks of Samsung iris scanner, they seem to confirm that the safety of our terminals would be increased significantly, which, although it was not the preferred method would not be and more power counts on it in our terminals.

Why it is not necessary iris scanner

It is difficult to know what the future holds for this functionality, especially when we talk about the world of smartphones,  by 2016 we would have modular phone, I think this feature would fall into oblivion quickly , because of burdensome resulting in the day to day unlock our terminal in this way, given that we can unlock your smartphone about 200 times a day, needing to bring the mobile phone to our eye every time you want, for example, check a notification.

Moreover, thanks to the developments that have suffered fingerprint readers in the latest generations of terminals, and a good example of this is the recent OnePlus 3 , in my opinion, I doubt that there is currently an unlock option more fast, and at the same time provide us some confidence that the fingerprint reader , a feature that also will be improved in a very short time thanks to new technologies that will implement this system directly under the screen of our terminals .

In addition, and as often happens whenever a new technology is built, the first devices with this security system, would increase their cost of manufacture, and therefore, the final price for the user, in a considerable way. Fortunately, over time, this section will stabilize.

Anyway, as always, now we would love to know your opinion , and therefore encourage you to leave us your thoughts in the comments below, do you think the iris scanner will become an indispensable feature, or you think otherwise fall into oblivion like many others?


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