Football: The Hidden Game For Facebook Messenger Now Available


The realization of the America’s Cup and Euro Cup 2016 has made Facebook Messenger integrates a related game with the football in his chat window

Football has been added as one of the hidden games within the Facebook Messenger app . Introduce football to his selection of games Messenger is a smart move by Facebook , using the users concerned under the America ‘s Cup and Euro Cup 2016 , in order to attract the billions of sports fans around the globe.

You can play football directly from the Windows Messenger Facebook . As with the free games of chess and basketball , you start a conversation in chat with the person or group you want to challenge in a friendly game of football.

The basic steps to start playing football in Facebook Messenger :

  • Select the emoji football and send it to the person you want to play.
  • Start playing by clicking on the emoji to send it flying over the screen.
  • Hold the orbit or circle repeatedly to keep it bouncing in the air.
  • You can view the scores in the chat window.

The ball will keep bouncing on the screen very realistic, plus the game is interesting enough to keep you busy.The idea behind the new commitment of Facebook Messenger is basically a game where you have to keep the ball in the air. However, once you start playing, you’ll notice that not as easy as it sounds, as there are several tricks that make the game more difficult.


Before you start playing, make sure you have the latest version of the app Facebook Messenger for iOS or Android.

Chess and basketball are the other two games “hidden” features that are pre installed on the Facebook Messenger app

Many times we get bored playing the same games on our mobile or just people do not have devices installed in their games. It may also happen that all we want at any given time is away from a boring conversation.

So whether the need to turn away or “kill” a little of our time, there are two secret games in the Facebook Messenger , these games are Chess and Basketball, also they are preset in the app, so do not require additional installation .

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