How to get 60 minutes free call in your android phone?


Today I will share a nice tricks to use 60 minutes free call in your any android phone. You will able to call in any country by following my bellows tricks.

What you should have?

  1. You should have installed Libon App on your android phone. You may download it from google play store. Download Link :
  2. You should have a SIM card which is not used in that app yet.
  3. You should have an email ID which is not used in that app yet.

What is the process?

  1. At first download the Libon App in your android phone from google play store and then install it properly. After open that app, you will see 2 button “Sign in” and “New to Libon?” Now click on “New to Libon?” button.
  2. Then fill up the form bellow. There will have input field to write your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number ( which is not used in libon app yet).
  3. Then click on “Validate” button. Enter your Email ID too (which is not used in Libon app yet) to complete Registration process.
  4. Now go on your Dial pad and then you will see “60 minutes left” for you.

60 min free call

You can enjoy your 60 minutes free talktime with Libon. You can call abroad too by using it.



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