Get paid from your clients directly by payoneer


Payoneer is a quick and easy solution for receiving payment all over the world. It’s a new and alternative way to receive payment for a full-time business or freelancing. Payoneer provides services to get paid from your clients directly without using any other third party payment processor. so that your money safely reach to your account without falling into the wrong hand.


Payoneer sends and email to your client on behalf of you. Here following the steps how you get paid from your clients by payoneer :

You can get paid easily from anywhere, anytime around the world. At first, visit your payoneer account and then request a payment  there. You may get  your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® for free.


Now you will get a form to fill up the payment details and payer details.

Get paid from your clients by payoneer



Here is the benefits that why you should need to sign up in Payoneer account for billing to clients:

Easily Get Paid By Your Clients:  When you’re working worldwide, you have to accept numerous ways of billing, as well as you make things easy for your clients to pay. Sometimes the clients are late in their payment because of a complicated way of billing, rather they do that on purpose. They also have a busy schedule and withdrawing money from going all the way to the bank is a stressful job. With Payoneer billing service, they can pay you online, using Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard˚, eCheck and local bank transfer. More details on the payment options, transaction limits and associated fees are given below.

Get paid from your clients

Bill Your Client Up Front: Billing your client up front is a practice for ensuring the payment for your service and keep your money coming in your pocket. Your payment depends on the industry and how you present your rates before your clients.

Send Bills After Finishing A Contract: If you can’t fix your rate before signing up a contract, you should make a schedule or fix a date of billing so that you can guarantee your stable earning. You can wait for a month or you can get paid in weeks or even instantly right after finishing the job. It ensures your fixed income and the bills are kept in check.

Stay Cautious Of Your Finances: Get a sharp look of all the requested payments so that you can be aware of any outstanding billing. We can provide help for the clients who are late in billing money. Just sign up a Payoneer account and setup a recurring reminder and we’ll send an email on your behalf reminding that a bill is due. There will no unpleasant emails or phone call, free from harassment. Only a quick cue to notify your client.

Now sign up today by simply visiting our page and expand your business worldwide.


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