How to Improve alexa rank of your website quickly


Alexa ranking is very important for any blog or website. In a competition, Alexa rank shows how much your website is leading from your fellow competitors. The lower your Alexa rank, the better is your position. So, everyone wants to Improve alexa rank as fast as they can. Here following the tips to improve quickly alexa rank for any website.

Improve alexa rank

Download and install Alexa tool in your browser

Firstly, install Alexa tool in your browser. You can see the Alexa rank of any site in just 1 click. Furthermore, Alexa’s system detects who installed it so the rank will increase if it is installed. You can download it by clicking the link below

Upload unique contents and keep your site up-to-date

Keep your website updated by uploading unique articles, products and images. Do not copy any contents or images from other websites, If you do that your SERP will be decrase.

Verify Alexa

First, register in Alexa by visiting their website There you can add your website. A verification file from your server has to be uploaded and then you will able to verify by using the verification code on their website. Click this link below to verify your site

Use Alexa widget on your site

Use Alexa widget on your site (if possible). Alexa prefers those sites or blogs who uses Alexa widget. You can use the widget on your sidebar or footer where will show the Alexa rank, backlinks, data etc. Put down the link given below anywhere on your site. Here, add the link your own site instead of “”.

[xml]<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>[/xml]

Use social media

Social media helps to lower the rank. Share the articles of your site in different social media sites. Therefore, you will have some referral visitors as well as, your rank will improve.

Keep an eye on your site’s SEO to improve alexa rank

SEO is the most targeted way and the best free way to bring traffic in your site. So try to grow visitors with the help of search engines. The more you get visitors from search engines, the better your Alexa rank will be.

Create good backlinks

Backlinks are very-essential for a website. Create some rich backlinks for your website. But backlink must be done from the top rated sites. Your SERP will drop if you create too many backlinks here and there. Try to have backlinks from those sites which have good Alexa rank, domain authority, page rank and your topic related, by using comment, guest post, review article etc.

The things to have a look at for your site

Keep an eye on some issues very carefully as it will help your Alexa rank as well as SEO in track.

Site Speed: If you don’t have enough site speed, the visitor won’t stay on your page for much long and the bounce rate will be through the roof. So keep track of your site speed to improve alexa rank and try to do site optimization.

Webpage Design: If your site doesn’t have a beautiful design and not user-friendly, your bounce rate will increase and then SERP and Alexa rank will fall.


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