How to install java tools in computer?


Today i will discuss of some basic things in Java programming language which got  approval in 1994. Oracle took it themselves in 2009-2010. For the beginners, its quite difficult to install java tools in the computer. Here i am showing the details about it.

Someone called it as High-level language or someone called it as mid-level language. That is an object-oriented programming language.

Now the general question may come, what is the object? If you want to learn it then you should have to know the object classes first. As a human, we have some characteristics. Some are white, some are black, some are mixed but all are human. That human or man is class and the characteristics of man or human are object. So black, white and mixed are in the object.

Is it too hard to understand about class and object?
Let me clarify more, we are seeing which things all are classed of the object.

Now come to the main point about Java tools. If you want to use java programming language then we need some tools and editor.

At first, you should install Java Development Kit (JDK) on your PC. You may install it from here,
That is very easy to install, just press next next next :p to install JRE ( java runtime environment). Normally it will store in C drive.

Now we need an editor to write code. So you may download Eclipse. You should install the latest version for Eclipse from internet.

After downloading that, install it properly and create a desktop shortcut for future use. Now we will open our eclipse. Select Window option then Reset Respective to change the view of the eclipse. Now you will get file option at the left side of that.

Now select New, select Java project, write a project name thereafter opening a new window. Don’t use extra space in your project name. Then choose your directory location from a corner where you want to save your project. Just un cheek the Use Default Location and set a new directory. Then set the jre version name and press Finish button.

java tools



java tools

Thats the easiest process to install java tools in the computer!


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