Install wamp server in your computer [Step by Step]


This article will give a details instruction about the process of install wamp server. Wamp is a very useful and user-friendly software as  a local server application. You can manage your own mySql, apache, php related server-side program by using Wamp server.

Download the Wamp Server

At first visit the official website of wamp server ‍and then download Wamp Server latest software version. There have 32bit and 64 bit version separately.
Wamp Server
You should have installed Visual Studio 2012 in your computer for using wamp server.

Install wamp server :

Here following the installation process of wamp server:

Install wamp server

1) Double click on the installer file and then you will get a installer page. Just press on Next to continue installation process.
Install wamp server

2) Now Accept the agreement there and click on Next button.


Install wamp server

3) You can choose the different destination folder name or just go forward by pressing Next button

Install wamp server

4) If you want to create a Quick launch and desktop shortcut icon then check the  field from Additional icons option or you may keep it as it is. Now click on next button.

Install wamp server

5) Press the Open button and wait for next step.

Install wamp server

6) You can specify the SMTP server and mail address for the function mail(). If you are not sure, just leave the default values and click on Next.

Install wamp server

Now your wamp server is ready to use. You can test any PHP scrip there. In my next tutorial i will share the details about Wamp server working procedure.




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