How to make apps for any website?


Many of us have own blogs or websites. For boost our website hits and attract the vistors we should keep or website visitors to turn mobile view by android apps. It helps the visitors to read the article and search the content from their own android device.

So if you want your blog or website to create Android apps take a lot of money then, I will tell you a way that you can very easily create your own Android apps for your blog or website. Then let’s get started  to make apps for your own apps.


Steps to make apps for website


1. Go to this website and click the sign up and fill up the form with your company name, your country, your email, your password and click the send button. To understand the issue, please follow image bellow :

Step 1

2.  Then click on “Click here to log in” for login there afte sign up.

Step 2   Step 3

3. Then you will get a new window and write the application name, select an icon. You may follow two methods to upload icon there. Just select an icon from the gallery or upload from your computer. The icon size must be 96px x 96px.

4. Select your primary language. It should be English.


Step 4

5. Write a short description about that app there and press Next Button.

6. Now select a style for your application from a list as like bellows image.Step 5

7.  Again press the Next button.

8.   Now select your app type. There  have some different option and you will select Web App form there.

Step 69. Now you will get a new window after click there and then type a title of your website with Web page main URL.

step 7

10.  Now press Next button and then your app will create automatically. Then download it from there.


step final


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