Logo designing is not a simple job. You won’t make a logo by simply with some shapes and text. A logo is the introduction of a brand. The viewers will know the business of that company, what they do. So, you’ve to be technical as well as creative for logo designing.



Inspiration can come from anywhere, which is important for logo designing. If you don’t know how an expert’s logo looks like or how they design that, you can’t make a good logo. So, you’ve to look for logos, good or bad. Then you’ll get an idea about logo designing. Therefore, you’ve to visit some sites on the internet which will help you further. I.e.:
You can use any idea from these sites. Take a look at all the logos for a general knowledge, but if you’re making a logo for some real estate company, then follow some of the real estate companies’ logo, see how they are made. But they’re never for replication, only for inspiration.


A beautiful logo must needs to be simple and has to give a message to the viewers. What the company wants to do and what type of company that is, is needed to be expressed in a logo. There is some basic rules for logo designing, they’re given below-
LOGO HAVE TO BE SIMPLISTIC: People can easily understand if the logo is simple. If you made such a logo which the viewers can’t properly understand, they won’t appreciate it.
LOGO HAVE TO BE RECOGNISABLE: Your logo has to be recognizable, but it is not necessary that you’ve to use lots of colors or different stylish font. Your logo won’t be forgotten if your logo is simple but has a story beneath it.
LOGO HAS TO BE BEAUTIFUL IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES: If you design a logo which looks beautiful in a billboard but not pretty in a visiting card, or looks good in color but looks horrible in black & white, your logo won’t be granted. Hence you’ve to make your logo simple. If you complicate your logo, your logo won’t look good if the size or color is changed.
LOGO HAS TO BE ACCORDING TO THE SUBJECT: You’ve to make a logo according to the company’s objective or the subject of an event. Suppose, you’re making a logo for a toy company. Then the font of your logo needs to be childish and the color needs to be bright.
DECIDE THE PROCESS OF YOUR LOGO: You’ve to decide how you want to proceed with your logo designing. You need to fix which step will come first. You can’t make a logo which just a software, you’ll need many other things. The designers follow some rules when it comes to logo designing. As-
Learn the information well from your buyer: Learn about the requirement of your buyer, how he wants his logo, if he has any color preference, if he has any idea. You’ve to clear up these things before you design.
Do some research: When you’ll want to know about your buyer’s requirement, he’ll probably tell you to visit his website and do the digging of your own. Then you’ll find out the type of his company, the services it provide, motto. Then you’ll browse at a similar website or google for it so that you can learn what other think. You must not copy from their logo, you’ll just take an idea from that.
Draw the logo in paper: Make a draft in a paper of your research.
Take a break: After drawing a sample in a paper, take a break. A break will make your idea more steady which is required to be a professional logo designer.
Show the logo to your buyer: Design your logo. After everything is finished but designing, you’ll see that designing a logo in a computer is the least work you do, at least for logo designing. Make a few copies and show it to your buyer. Then edit the mistakes your buyer pointed out.
Fix the price of your logo: A common question is, what will the price of your logo be? Actually it is a matter of your understanding. It depends on how many corrections were your logo needed, how many designs you made of the logo, how many reviews were needed and of all, how large is the company. So ask some questions to your buyer, like-
What type of logo you’re fixing your price for
How much is your experience in this field
How much others charge for these kinds of logos
Whether you’ll take your payment hourly or at the end of the project
How much time you took to design the logo
Whether the company is large or small you’re making a logo for
How much your buyer can pay
Think about these points and see what the answer is given. Then you name your price.


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