Are you ready to write your first HTML document for web browser?


HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. That is a complete language to make web element for browsers. Browser can read HTML document easily. So if we wanna show our document in any browser such as like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc then we should write that document into the HTML.

Let start writing HTML code for your existing word document. Here is basic discussion about it for beginners.

html code surrounded with

symbol, it called HTML tag with that symbol. Example :

Here p stands for paragraph and h1 stands for Heading 1. We may write H1 to H6 for Heading 1 to Heading 6. It will give different size of font in browser.

Structure of HTML Document :

If you want to write any HTML document then you should follow the structure of HTML language, otherwise your code will to show any output in web browser. Here is the structure of HTML document.

There have HTML tag, Head tag and Body tag to make that HTML enabled document. All of the HTML are same as like above structure, but there may have more new tags to make the document properly with correct layout or structure.



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