Retrieve the user’s facebook profile picture (Osclass Tutorial)


In this tutorial i will show you, how can you retrieve the user’s facebook profile picture in your osclass classified website. This article will help those people who are using Facebook Connect Plugin and now wishes to show the facebook  profile picture for users’s profile. It will appear normally visible near the user’s name.

Here following the code example to do that,

Now if the user logged in as facebook user, They will see the same profile picture similar as facebook.

Suppose you want to show user’s picture at the top corner of the website with a general welcome text. Then simply open header.php file and then insert the bellows code with your own welcome text.

Code example :

You can change the values of height and width as your design requirement.

If you wanna know,  How to print the parent category id or slug using subcategory id or slug in osclass this article might help you


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