How to setup windows within 2 minutes?


Sometimes we need to setup or install windows application in our computer and there need to re install all the software for sound, VGA, LAM, Wi-fi etc driver for newly setup windows operating system. All the process consume a lot of time. But if i share a tricks to setup windows operating system and all the necessary software or driver in a minute! How interesting it is!

Let me share that tricks to setup windows within 2 minutes,

If you wanna setup windows operating system within 2 minutes then at first you  need to set up a fresh windows first. Then download a software “Acronis Rescue Media BootCD” from internet. Then collect a ISO file for windows operating system and burn as bootable data disk by Nero Burn.
Restart your computer after complete data disk burning.
– Press DEL or F2 or ESC key ( it depend on your computer manufeacture complay) to enter on Bios of your computer.
– Then ensure your first boot device is CD or DVD Rom and save settings by F10.
– It will Open your Acronis Rescue Media Boot CD and you will get a text as Acronis Master Image Creator, click on there to create a backup for your current windows drive location and save that backup in other drive. Your work is complete. Now you dont need to waste time for windows setup. You will able to setup windows operating system within 2 min by sung Acronis Rescue Media BootCD

Setup Windows Within 2 mins

Setup Windows Within 2 mins

Do  You will get all of your software and installed driver from backup drives.

Now you may think there may have virus on previous file. But there have no any virus because you created backup of your windows drive after a fresh install. So that is 100% safe for you and save your valuable time. If you face any problem regarding this issue feel free comment here for support.


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