Some Exclusive Tips For Writing Quality Content


A large number of the people want to work with ‘Amazon Affiliation’ or ‘Google Advance’ for its passive income opportunity. But they are afraid of quality content writing. To remove the fear you must write content more and more. You may know that content is the king, But I don’t believe this. To me, ‘Quality Content writing’ is the king. For writing content, you need to maintain some sequences. For an example, finding out the topic on which you will write on the article, it means doing the keyword research, competitor analysis, search volume and suggested bid etc.

Some Exclusive tips for Writing Quality Content

The work is not finished after writing the article only. You will have to make sure that there is no any grammatical error or spelling mistake.  You must check how much unique the article is. To me if it’s 90% unique, that will be the best article. Overall, you will have to keep in mind that your content should be unique. After finding the topic by keyword research, you must have to see the topic’s google trend. If the trend is in downward, so it’ll be better not to work with this keyword.

Suppose you don’t know anything about the topic, so how will you write 1000 words on it? We find article writer and invest money for this. But I’ll suggest to write yourself for your blog or website and you may take some articles from other writers. This will improve your skill in English, and this will work so effectively for working with Amazon Affiliation or marketing sectors.

For every  article writing,  you will have to gather knowledge about the topic and you will have to study about it properly. By using the search tools you may have proper knowledge on the articles. You may select the time too and this will show all the articles published in that time and you will have an idea.

Some software you may use for your work to write quality content:

Heading checker:

An article’s heading shows how acceptable the article is, how much does it work on adjustment. Suppose, you have written an article but the heading is not well suited to the topic; then nobody will click on it. So, this will not work for you. In the headline, common word (20-30)%, uncommon word (10-20)% , emotional word (10-15)% and using proper word makes the headline more effective. 


It’s an amazing free tool. You can easily do the correction of grammar and spelling by using it. For using Grammarly add the Grammarly extension in your browser and make an account in Keep using it for your quality content writing and other purposes as well.


Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Just for using duplicate content even a good site will be in low rank. For checking how much unique your content is, you may use some tools like small SEO tools, Copyscape, Duplichecker etc. If the content is 90% unique ,you can use it on the site.

Readability Test:

Your article should be in easy language and you will have to keep in mind that who can grab your article easily. If your readability score is 90-100%, then everybody can read and understand your article.Higher readability score ensures the quality of any content. 

It will be clear when you will work on live projects to write articles. I hope my article will help you a lot.


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