Top 10 Metabox Framework in WordPress


There are lots of metabox plugin/ framework are available for wordpress. But all the plugins are not suitable to use in every commercial or personal wordpress development project.  WordPress Meta box frameworks have been written to handle all the hard work for us, and allows us to create complex capture forms with very little code. Some frameworks to check out are:

1. Metabox by

This plugin is a complete tool to create meta box and custom fields in WordPress: lightweight, powerful, easy-to-use and can be extended with extensions.


  • Easily register multiple custom meta boxes for posts, pages or custom post types
  • Supports a lot of field types
  • Has built-in hooks which allow you to change the appearance and behavior of meta boxes
  • Easily integrate with themes

There have all the field types list


2. CMB2.0 by WebDevStudios

Custom Metaboxes and Fields (CMB) will create metaboxes and forms with custom fields that will blow your mind.


  • Create metaboxes to be used on post edit screens.
  • Create forms to be used on options pages.
  • Create forms to handle user meta and display them on user profile add/edit pages.
  • Flexible API that allows you to use CMB forms almost anywhere, even on the front-end.
  • Several field types are included
  • Custom API hook that allows you to create your own field types.
  • There are numerous hooks and filters, allowing you to modify many aspects of the library (without editing it directly).
  • Repeatable fields for most field types are supported, as well as repeatable field groups.

Field Types:

    text_date Date Picker
    text_time Time picker
    select_timezone Time zone dropdown
    text_date_timestamp Date Picker (UNIX timestamp)
    text_datetime_timestamp Test Date/Time Picker Combo (UNIX timestamp)
    text_datetime_timestamp_timezone Test Date/Time Picker/Time zone Combo (serialized DateTime object)
    colorpicker Color picker
    radio *
    radio_inline *
    taxonomy_radio *
    taxonomy_radio_inline *
    taxonomy_select *
    checkbox *
    taxonomy_multicheck *
    wysiwyg (TinyMCE) *
    file Image/File upload *†
    file_list Image/File list upload
    oembed Converts oembed urls (instagram, twitter, youtube, etc. oEmbed in the Codex)
    group Hybrid field that supports adding other fields as a repeatable group. *

This library contains a couple of hooks that make it possible for you to create your own field types. Read more details on github


3. Reusable Custom WordPress MetaBoxes by tammyhurt

This project was originally a tutorial for WPTuts+.This project creates a class which makes it easy to create a custom meta box for any post type using a master switch case for the meta box and fields HTML and an array containing the data for the fields you want to use.

Project Page   Tutorial Link

4. WordPress Fieldmanager by alleyinteractive

Fieldmanager is a comprehensive toolkit for building forms, metaboxes, and custom admin screens for WordPress. There is official demo plugin available by athor with lots of example of that Field Manager plugin

5. My Meta box by bainternet

The Meta Box Class is used by including it in your plugin files and using its methods to create custom meta boxes for custom post types. It is meant to be very simple and straightforward. For name spacing purposes, All Types metabox ( meaning you can do anything with it ) is used.


  • Works with plugins as well as themes
  • Works with all post types (page,post,custom).
  • Available fields are:
  • Input
  • Textarea
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Select Dropdown
  • File Upload
  • Image Upload
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Color Picker
  • Taxonomy List Dropdwon
  • Post list Dropdown
  • Repeater Field
  • OOP Code all the way (which means easy to extend and modify).

Download & Usage

6. Vafpress Framework by vafour

Vafpress Framework Metabox builder is powered by the awesome WPAlchemy class, authored by Dimas Begunoff, but we have done some modification to the class so that it can achieve our needs, one of them is supports for nested repeatable group. Needless to say, reading WPAlchemy documentation will help you a lot with Vafpress Framework since all of the options and how it works mostly stays the same.

Field Types

  • TextBox
  • TextArea
  • CheckBox
  • CheckImage
  • RadioButton
  • RadioImage
  • Select
  • MultiSelect
  • Slider
  • Toggle
  • Upload
  • DatePicker
  • ColorPicker
  • CodeEditor
  • NoteBox
  • Fontawesome icon chooser
  • WP TinyMCE Editor’


Vafpress Framework Plugin  Vafpress Framework Theme Boilerplate

7. MetaBox PHP Class by WPAlchemy

The WPAlchemy_MetaBox PHP class can be used to create WordPress meta boxes quickly. It will give you the flexibility you need as a developer, allowing you to quickly build custom meta boxes for your themes and plugins.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy to learn and integrate: good documentation and support is always important (I use the code myself and keep it up-to-date). Integration is a snap, as simple as including the class and using it.
  • Easy setup code: some of the details involved in saving, retrieving and working with the meta data are abstracted to ease development.
  • Flexible usage: the class acts as an aid for meta box development. By design you can use the class functions or your current development practices, which ever you feel most comfortable with for your development.
  • HTML and CSS separation: the HTML and CSS for your meta boxes remain separate from the core code, you can design your meta boxes to your liking, providing you the greatest flexibility during development.

Tutorial & Download

8. Custom Meta Boxes by humanmade

Custom Meta Boxes is a framework for easily adding custom fields to the WordPress post edit page.It includes several field types including WYSIWYG, media upload and dates. It also supports repeatable and grouped fields.This project is aimed at developers and is easily extended and customised. It takes a highly modular, Object Orientated approach, with each field as an extension of the CMB_Field abstract class. The framework also features a basic layout engine for fields, allowing you to align fields to a simple 12 column grid.

Donwload From Github

9. Option Tree by valendesigns

Theme Options UI Builder for WordPress. A simple way to create & save Theme Options and Meta Boxes for free or premium themes. OptionTree attempts to bridge the gap between WordPress developers, designers and end-users by creating fully responsive option panels and meta boxes with an ease unlike any other plugin. OptionTree has many advanced features with well placed hooks and filters to adjust every aspect of the user experience.


10. WP Metaboxer Lite

WordPress metabox builder plugin. Provides an easy to use interface for building custom metaboxes with custom field types to choose from.


  • Easy to use interface for creating metaboxes and custom fields.
  • Meta box can be added to Post, Page or Custom Posts.
  • Meta box position is configurable.
  • Meta box priority is configurable.
  • Textboxes and Textareas can be set to allow/disallow HTML or accept raw data.
  • Selectboxes and Radio can use a data source to get their options. A data source is a callable user defined function that returns an array of value and texts.
  • Utility functions for fetching the custom field values.




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