Twitter Lets You Add Sticker To Photos


Twitter has launched the ability to add emoji or stickers to photos published by users on the social network, Facebook mode or Snapchat.

A movement of micro blogging network which aims to ” bring creativity to photos and connect with the world on Twitter “. This functionality will allow hundreds of these stickers to choose, including emoji, to place it in a photo .

You can be placed several stickers on the photo and can be rotated or resized:


But this update Twitter has other possibilities. Clicking on a sticker, you can do a search for tweets with photos containing that sticker, as if searching for hashtags it were . This could be useful in the case of taking a particular sticker as a symbol of an event or a product to track your searches.

This functionality can help improve the creativity of the business pages, but simply looks like an attempt to attract users using features from other platforms. Also it seems a move to more closely resemble messaging services that a social network itself .


In any case, it is a commitment audiovisual formats in general and stickers and emoji in particular elements that can be a useful tool for digital marketing . Visual contents are being object of desire by social media,especially video .

The truth is that Twitter has stalled in users and activity. His improvements to attract public and be attractive to brands and businesses do not end curdling. Recently extended the duration of your videos  and confident Periscope to face the might of Facebook and YouTube. Time will tell whether Twitter is successful with this latest initiative.

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