What is Blogging and how it does work?


You must’ve heard of the words blog, blogging, and blogger many times. If you don’t have any experience before, you might want to know what is blogging actually? and what most successful blogs does?

Yes, you’ve come to the right place! You may learn everything about blogging and how to create a blog here in this article.

You can share your knowledge, your thoughts, and your point of view by using your own blog. You can develop your skills as well as your business and can make money too. So let get started to know more about that!


You want to know what is blogging, right?

Yes, I’m telling you, but at the beginning, you’ve to know what is a blog?

Actually, blog is one kind of an online diary. It’s such a platform where you can state your opinion, your thought, your perspective or your knowledge and experience about any incident. You can write these and you can also share these with millions of other people. A blog is such a website where you can write about your desired topic and share with others.

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A blog can be defined in other ways, but I’m writing what is necessary for knowing. Now, I’ll roughly say about blog, blogger and blogging.

    • Blog – A diary which is in the internet or online.
    • Blogger – The person who writes a blog.
    • Blogging – The writing in a blog is called blogging. Blogging is a way to express the thoughts or knowledge (What I’m doing right now).


At first, blogging was considered as just a hobby where people would write about their daily life as they write a diary. When the writings started to attract readers, blogging took a brand new edge and exemplary topics were started to be written. In present days, blogging has gone beyond one’s hobby and been a way to earn. Now a days, you can find about almost everything in blogs where people is writing about those topics. Every business companies feeling the necessity of blog and it has added a new dimension of blogging.


Many people can’t figure out the difference between blog and website. There have some significant differences between a blog and a website. A blog can be a website but a website can’t be called as a blog until there has any blogging option. Website is such a platform where has a static data. It means, the data/information stays almost constant. Means it has no variation in data or there has no new writing. I.e. the website of your college or city corporation has only the information of that particular college or city corporation. On the other hand, blog is a form of a website which has some unique characteristics. The information containing in a blog are dynamic rather than static where new subjects are written regularly. I.e. I started my blogging with helping grip and now I’m writing about blogging. Next I’ll write about something else. Today you’re seeing this post at the top, tomorrow you’ll see another post. Thus you can say this is a blog where the issues are keep updating every day. Most successful blogs are rich in information that viewers need.


You must be thinking who are those people, who share their personal feelings, thoughts or knowledge through the internet? They’re humans, just like you. From those people, there are many who doesn’t have much of a knowledge about technology or they’re expert programmer or coding genius. But without much technical knowledge, they continue blogging only abiding by some simple rules. Most successful blogs can closely meet viewers demand. There are two types of blogger. One those only share about the recent activities. And other who share their thoughts or expressions about something they love to make their blogs successful.

There are blogs about hair tips, weight loose tips, recent news, technological information, job interview tips, celebrity scandals, political rumors, health and recipe tips, expert’s opinion about investing, sports news and many more. You can google in any of above.


For beginning something, you’ve to have to do patience, sacrifice. These virtues will help you to move forward. These are also needed for establishing the most successful blogs. You’ve to have unquenchable thirst for knowledge and strong determination to see the end of the work.

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From my personal point of view, I would recommend that you select such a topic which you like most or you’re eager to know about that topic. That topic could be anything like travelling, tracking, design, technology, photography or even cooking recipes. It can be anything!! The subject you won’t get bored so easily, it should be select as a topic.

Often when an amateur blogger starts blogging, he has much enthusiasm. But their enthusiasm soon starts to evaporate. The reason behind it is, the subject he starts to blog, soon it becomes old and doesn’t attracts him as much as before. That means that subject wasn’t his favorite. So, he will lose his taste and interest on that subject. For most of the people, it’s the bitter truth. If you want to succeed in blogging, you might want to read this article.

The subject you’ll eventually lose your interest someday, shouldn’t be the subject to start a blog, no matter how much fruitful or profitable the subject is. Take some time and choose a subject which you are passionate about, so that you would never lose interest and be successful.

As long as you don’t take by heart your passion, you can’t reach out to the readers. Remember, people will take your words by heart if they feel you know a little bit more than them. People loves to hear an opinion from an expert. So, if you want to rule over your readers’ heart, love the topic and learn more about that subject. Maybe you will be able to lead yours in the most successful blogs.

However, beginning is the first step to being expert. Discover your hidden talent, the compassion within you. That’s all for today.

I hope You don’t have the question now, What is blogging and how it does work?


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