YouTube Director Moviemaking Resources for Your Business


You want to create your own video ads for your business on YouTube? Google makes it easy with theĀ launch of YouTube Manager , a set of products that enable companies and businesses easily create video ads.


The first product is YouTube Director for business app , available for iOS in the US and Canada, for the moment. It allows you to create an ad easily from mobile phone without editing experience.

The second is YouTube onsite Manager , a service that sends a professional audio visual director shoot and edit a video ad for free as long as the business spends more than $ 150 in advertising on YouTube. This option is available in some US cities as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC.

The importance of audiovisual content is booming. The YouTube itself notes that the playing time on your platform grows by more than 50% year on year. Thus, social networks and technology platforms have an eye on the video: Facebook with enhancements for Live Facebook , Twitter with Periscope or Instagram,extending the duration of their videos or integrating them into its carousel format .

The fact is that the main social network video platform, YouTube, which had already announcedĀ retransmissions 360 , not to be outdone. The idea of providing businesses making their own videos should work.


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