7 magic steps to become a professional article writer


In that article, you will learn how to become a professional article writer. You might become a professional freelance writer at home by following the bellows steps. There have a lot of opportunities to grow your career by various kind of writing job.

7 magic steps to become a professional article writer

STEP 1 ( Ask your client ) :

If you’re writing for someone, first ask the information from your client. If your client has any desire, motive and some special instruction, learn before you start writing.

STEP 2 (Know about the product):

If you write an article for yourself or any client to promote the product’s. First, find the reason for your writing. Figure out if you would directly expand your words about the product and write something informative. You can express the good things of it in many ways in your writing.

STEP 3 (Find the audience/ Readers) :

Figure out for whom you’re writing the article. Identify your readers, who will be the targeted audience for your writing. Then try to understand their interest and research about them, Write your post according to your preferred readers so that they can understand easily.

STEP 4 (Read others article in the same topic):

When you’re writing an article, try to bring something fresh and enlightening. So read other articles on the same topic before writing one. For that, search in Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia and read the writings. Thus, it’ll help you to gain data about that topic. Never copy anything from any articles, it’ll cause the problem for copywriting and you’ll be blacklisted in Google. Though you can write from other articles by changing as your wish. 

STEP 5 (Focus on the main point first):

Professional article writers write the main point of the article before they start writing. It’s a useful tip for a good writing. Then the details in your point itself make a good article. You’ve to write something rich for web marketing, search ranking, and content marketing to be a good article writer.

STEP 6 (Make a layout for the article): 

Divide your article into three portions, such as introduction, explanation, and conclusion. In an introduction, you’ve to write about the topic of the whole article. The readers will decide if they would go on reading further or not. So, this is the most important part. Many article writers write something like “For being a new comer, please forgive my shortcomings”, which demoralizes the reader. Many people often don’t want to waste any time by reading a newbies’ post. These kinds of courtesy are nothing but foolishness.

In the explanation part  of the article, there you’ve to write the whole thing attractively and simply. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings and don’t write something controversial, you’ll lose your readers if you do. Who, where, why, when, what and how, answering these questions can make a decent article. The content’s weight is lost if a word is repeated over and over again. Use synonyms in these case.

You’ll need the peace in your mind after entering an article. If your mind gets bored just by looking at the article, your brain will reject the desire for reading further. And the mind always searches for something beautiful. So remember a few tips while writing,

  1. Write making points
  2. Use eye-catching and post related photos in your article.

Finally, there should have a good conclusion. There you’ll write a summary of your whole post and the facts of your post. In this part, you’ll bid goodbye from your readers. You may leave a question to the readers in this part which is a good strategy for increasing engagement.

STEP 7 (Fix the errors after reading article):

Now you’re finally at the last step. In the previous step, your article is complete. Now read the full article for at least 3 times carefully before publishing. Fix the grammatical and typing mistakes. Correct the highlighted parts of your article if necessary.

Follow the steps stated above and then start your writing. Write at least 5 articles. You’ll be a professional article writer in a short time. And as a professional article writer, you can earn well by the press release, blog writing, sales copy etc. And in addition to that, you’ll be famous.

To conclude, 7 topics are needed to be a skilled professional article writer:

  1. The skill and experience of the writer.
  2. Writer’s knowledge in SEO.
  3. Correct use of grammar.
  4. Right use of words and picking unique words.
  5. Research on the topic and a vast information.
  6. Unique writing.
  7. To capture the attention of the readers.

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